January is in the books!

This month has flown by! The daffodils are starting to creep up out of the ground, and the transplants are getting started this week. Spring will be here before you know it.

We hosted our first WWOOFer, Juliette from France, for a few weeks. She got here at 10 pm and it was 16 degrees, so our plumbing froze and she immediately had to got to work with Jesie adding hay to the pigs and chickens so they could keep warm. She stayed with us a few weeks and really helped us get tons accomplished.


Now we have Christian from Jacksonville, FL and Allison from California and Oregon here. They are awesome, with two great senses of humor. Here they are spreading manure. We couldn’t ask for two better farmhands.


We were excited to get our seeds in! We ordered mostly from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange this year. Check em out!  http://www.southernexposure.com/vegetables-c-3.html


We have switched feed companies and now buy exclusively non-GMO feed out of North Alabama. We went and picked up our first few tons last week and had some space on the trailer, so we threw on a few tons of wheat straw. We are going to use those to mulch between our rows this year.


Lastly, these pigs are getting huge!! The wet weather means their feeding area has gotten mucky mucky. They have nice paddocks, but those 180-pound animals with razors for feet have done a number on the feeding area.



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