Building a Walk-In Freezer

Our Berkshire hogs are getting close to time to process. Pre-Order yours today, as the price per lb is much lower than they are retail. We need a place to store all the meat (over a ton!), so we are building a walk-in freezer. We got the condenser and fan from a generous arrangement with Black Warrior Brewing Company. Thanks Jason!!! We prepped the spot by determining what level the concrete forms needed to be at to make a flat surface. Our good friend Ben Ballenger came out and helped us do that.IMG_3502

Once we knew where the forms needed to be (made out of 12 x 2 boards), we had to move tons of fill dirt in. Sometimes I feel like all we do is move tons of material from here to there.


Once we got the fill dirt in, we added 3-4 inches of gravel on the bottom everywhere (more tons).

IMG_3549 IMG_3550

IMG_3548We decided upon the advice of counsel that we should hire a concrete finisher. Having no experience with concrete finishing, we bit the bullet and did this. Here is the concrete truck backing up to the site.


Our finishers got the concrete out in no time. Notice the cattle wire fencing we are using in place of rebar. You need metal in the concrete to help it deal with pulling pressures.

We put a drain in through one side of the slab.


We put a light broom finish on it, so when it gets wet we don’t slip and fall.


The finished product is impressive!


For the panels, we had found a deal for free panels on craigslist. We get a large load of those. We decided after much tribulation that the freezer needed to be of a higher quality. So we went back to the same place and bought one that was intact.


It was a deli freezer at a Harris Teeter. It took us two days of hard work to put the puzzle together.


We had to take half of it down and start over after day 1 since we didn’t have instructions. We are so pleased with the final results. It is huge! We will have 800 cubic feet of freezer space once the electrician hooks it up next week.


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