Its time! – local, pasture-raised, non GMO-fed Berkshire pork at a great price


It is time to buy your Berkshire pork share. If you are unfamiliar with buying part of a hog – it is simple. You go online to our store and select either a quarter, half, or whole hog and pay for it via paypal or credit card.IMG_3868

We will send you a cut sheet which will detail how you want the meat cut. (Do you want 1 inch thick pork chops or 2 inch thick? Do you want cured bacon or whole pork belly? Do you want cured ham or that cut to be used to make more sausage? etc.) The cuts are all USDA inspected, frozen, labeled, and vacuum-sealed.

Then you can either come visit the farm in Sylacauga to pick it up, or we can bring it to you if you live in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Montgomery, Auburn, Shelby/Talladega/St Clair county, or really anywhere in between.

To say this is a great price is an understatement. We are selling the whole hog at $3.25 a lb. Most of the cuts retail at $7-$11 a lb, so the savings by buying up front are quite substantial.

If you want your ham or bacon cured, the processor charges $3 a lb for that. If you want that, we will collect the balance on delivery. If you buy a whole hog and the weight is more or less than 180 lbs, we will settle on what we owe you or you us at delivery, as well.

The final price will be based on the hanging weight of your hog if you buy one whole. Hanging weight is the weight after it has been cleaned.

These hogs have been raised all winter in silvopasture (woods and grasses) with access to fermented barley, wheat, and sorghum with a non-GMO hog feed.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Call me (Matthew) at 205-936-6120 with any questions.

2 thoughts on “Its time! – local, pasture-raised, non GMO-fed Berkshire pork at a great price

  1. Hi! This is Kathy Shea, Andrew’s mom. We are getting half of your Berkshire pig. We would like cured hams–1/2. We prefer all sausage to hot dogs, but wondered if we could have some ground pork. We would like thick sliced bacon instead of pork belly. Boston butts are good, but again no hot dogs. Halves vs. whole. We would like the shoulder roasts, unless you want to turn that into ground pork as well. WE want the whole tenderloin, and thick cut pork chops. We would like to have baby back ribs, country style, and spare ribs. 2 half slabs, please. We do not want the heart, fat or liver; but I’m sure Andrew does.

    Thanks so much! We are really looking forward to it!



    • Kathy,
      Thank you for the order! Please go to our online store to make payment asap. The processor is starting the breakdown of the halves today and tomorrow. We should be able to accommodate most of your order. When you process the halve hog typically 5-10 lbs of the meat are trimmings that can go into sausage. If we add the shoulder roast that gets us to 10-15 lbs typically. Of that what percentage do you want as sausage and what as ground pork? For the sausage do you want hot or regular or 50% each way, etc?

      The loin is the harder part. The part that makes baby back ribs and tenderloin also makes bone-in pork chops. The part that makes the boneless pork chops makes the country style rib. I can make 4-5 country style ribs, and 4-5 boneless pork chops, baby back ribs and whole tenderloin. Based on your request I might suggest skipping the country style ribs and doing thick cut pork chops, tenderloin, and baby backs. Which would your prefer? Feel free to call me at 205-936-6120 or email us if you like also.


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