Springtime is Baby Time

We have had a busy early spring. Our first son was born this month! Luke Anson Lawrence.

3 of us

Baby Luke and momma Jesie are settling in nice at home now. Whenever he gets fussy a walkabout on the farm always soothes him.


We have had lots of babies on the farm this month. We have 23 beautiful baby Tamworths! They are such delightful pigs.

IMG_3884 (2)

We also have 100 new Rainbow broilers, 100 Golden Nugget egg layers, 30 barred rocks, and 50 Heritage white broilers. Thats a lot of chicks!!

The garden is going great! That is spite of a big set back – we had a touch of the dreaded Tobacco Mosaic Disease. We don’t smoke but hosted a wwoofer who did. It isn’t his fault, as we should have had more strict rules on greenhouse and garden etiquette. For those that don’t know, this virus kills everything around it. The only recourse is to destroy the affected plants and the soil blocks. Bottom line, if you handle plants and smoke make sure to have new unsmoked in clothes and very clean hands first. We replanted all we lost (over 6000 plants) but a lot of our produce will be a few weeks behind this year as a result.

That didn’t stop farmer Rachel from enjoying some of her first crops!


Everything is so green down here now. Our garden has lots of dark green, healthy looking leaves so we are encouraged. The grass is really starting to pop which is great for our pastured animals. Here is a panorama I took a few weeks backs before to show our chickens following behind our pigs.

IMG_3963 (1)

Today I pick up over 2100 lbs of USDA inspected, vacuum-sealed, cut Berkshire pork. Some of it has been pre sold and the rest is available for purchase on our website or at farmers markets. The processor said ours was some of his favorite pork to work on. It was very healthy and the meat is gorgeous. Notice how red the meat is. Confinement pork is white because of the breed of pig and lack of muscular development. This is good healthy meat here.