April around the farm

Spring is fully here, and we are loving it. Little farmer Luke turned 7 weeks old yesterday, and he has been an adorable little helper at market with us.


We have 90 new laying hens we are raising from chicks, as well as 150 new broilers. Our Tamworth hogs are 3 months old now and are starting to get bigger, but they still feel like babies to me. Our good friend Andrew came by and introduced his pup Otto to the herd. Otto has his doubts, but the pigs love friends!


We are trying to move beyond the chicken tractor. We don’t like how confined they are, so bring on the chicken maze! This keeps predators out and confuses the hawks. The chicks dig the challenge. But they are getting out a lot and starting to roam too far to be safe at their size, so it’s still a work in progress.


Our pigs did a great job of planting watermelons and acorn squash for us in the woods over the winter. Maybe they will get a bounty to enjoy later in the summer!


We are getting great spinach, kale, turnip, radish, and turnip green harvests these days.


We go through a lot of non-GMO feed, so we finally got a grain silo installed. This will make our lives much easier and cut down on our delivery costs. We had to get a boom truck to lift the thing after laying a high-PSI concrete slab.


We got a new registered Berkshire boar. Meet Wilbur!


And finally, we have 3 weeks of successful farmers markets behind us. Our customers are giving us great feedback. Most of them are loving what they are buying, and we are getting good criticisms so that we can always improve. Come see us this Saturday from 7-12 at Pepper Place in Birmingham.


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