Pasture-Raised Meats CSA



We are in the preliminary stages of starting a pasture-raised meats CSA. If you have interest in seeing this happen, please email us at or call us at 205-936-6120. Remember that next year we will be adding goat, lamb, duck, and rabbit. Customers who become part of our CSA in the beginning will always have a place in future CSAs.

If you aren’t already familiar with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), the USDA says it “consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.”  It’s a way for our members to purchase a share of our farm’s harvest, so they can have local, fresh food directly from the farmer. There are only a certain number of shares available each season, and members will need to pick up their shares at a pre-set location. Typically CSAs are for vegetables, but we are looking to meet your family’s need for pastured meats each week, or every other week (you may choose the frequency).  Members will incur the expense of the food up front, but they will have a regular supply of delicious pasture-raised meats, ensuring we don’t run out before they can make it to our farmer’s market booth to purchase their selections.  Because a membership in a CSA implies some shared risk (due to the prepayment), we will serve the CSA customers first, before our farmer’s market booth.  Besides covering some of our up-front costs, a CSA helps our farm to plan for the next season with more stable demand than the farmer’s market.  You get to know your farmers on a first-name basis and to know exactly where your food comes from.

We will set up multiple pick-up locations around Birmingham and the surrounding areas. You are always welcome to come pick up at the farm. Delivery may be an option.

The structure would be something like the following:

5-Week (or 10-Week Bi-Weekly) Family Size: about $575 for over 80lbs of meat (~ $7.20 per lb)

10-Week (or 20-Week Bi-Weekly) Family Size: about $1100 for over 160lbs of meat (~$6.80 per lb)

15-Week (or 30-Week Bi-Weekly) Family Size: about $1550 for over 240lbs of meat (~$6.50 per lb)

The bi-weekly shares are the same amount of food, just picked up every other week instead of every week, if that better meets your family’s needs. We will also do a CSA designed for couples or singles that will be a little over half the price off from the family share, but still lots off meat. The serving sizes of these shares will be more appropriate for a single serving or a couple.

An example of what might be included in the family-size CSA share is below.

5-Week (or 10-Week Bi-Weekly):

Amt (Lb)             Week 1

5            Whole Chicken
1            Sea Salt Cured Bacon
1            Breakfast Sausage
1/2         Leaf Lard
4            Boston Butt
2            Ground Beef
2            Sirloin

Amt (Lb)             Week 2

5            Whole Chicken
1            Sea Salt Cured Bacon
1            Hamhock
1            Sliced Breakfast Ham
2            Thick-Cut Pork Chops
4            Chuck Roast
2            Ground Beef

Amt (Lb)             Week 3

5            Whole Chicken
1            Breakfast Sausage
1            Smoked Hog Jowl
1            Sliced Breakfast Ham
1            Baby Back Ribs
4            Whole Smoked Ham
2            Bratwurst
2            Ground Beef

Amt (Lb)             Week 4

5            Whole Chicken
2            Sea Salt Cured Bacon
1            Fresh Lard
2            Ground Beef
1            NY Strip
1            Ribeye
2            Thick Cut Pork Chops

Amt (Lb)             Week 5

5            Whole Chicken
1            Sea Salt Cured Bacon
1            Breakfast Sausage
2            Spare Ribs
2            Hot Dogs
4            Pork Shoulder Roast
1/2         Smoked Hog Jowl
2            Ground Beef

If you’re interested in saving money on your weekly pastured meat purchases, knowing where your food comes from by buying directly from a producer, supporting your local economy, reducing your food miles, and increasing your health by eating clean, nutrient-dense meats from animals who lived on grass out in the sunshine, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, then we’d love to hear from you as to your interest in this program!

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