Whole and Half Hogs

How can I afford to feed my family pasture-raised meats on a limited budget?  As small farmers with a little one, we definitely get how tough it can be. We have a solution, one probably used by your grandparents – buying in bulk!

Long ago folks didn’t buy individual steaks and sausages and chicken wings, they got a whole animal, or a share of a whole animal.  Because the farmer knew he would sell every part of the animal, he could give the very best prices to his customers. You can fill up your freezer with pork all at once, rather than buying a little at a time with either a half or whole hog. We can even provide the freezer, if you don’t already have one, and deliver it to your home!


You’ll get to choose the cuts you want, including the number or pork chops, ribs, hams, bacon, belly, roasts, sausage, and more. We’ll send you a cut sheet questionnaire to fill out and work with you to meet your cut needs.  (Do you prefer pork belly or bacon?  Do you want shoulder and hams, or more sausage?)

You can expect about 90 pounds of meat for a half hog and 180 pounds for a whole hog.


You can take delivery at our CSA drop point or a farmers market, if you let us know ahead of time when you’ll be meeting us to pick it up. We will bring your portion in our freezer truck hard frozen. You can transfer it to your cooler or freezer to take home.  If you don’t have a deep freezer, please email us at marblecreekfarmstead@gmail.com or call 205-936-6120 to discuss freezer delivery. It could be about $200 – $300 for the appliance, depending on if you want a whole or half hog to fit inside. A whole hog will typically fit in a 7-cubic foot chest freezer.

We certainly recommend a deep freezer, as it keeps the food colder to help it store longer.  Make sure you have one without automatic defrost or turn the automatic defrost feature off, since automatic defrosting will warm your food then refreeze it, causing freezer burn and making the meat degrade faster. Our pork is all vacuum-packed after dry-aging for best quality.  It should keep in the freezer for 12 months.


Costs will be $3 per pound (SALE PRICE through November 2 only) plus processing.  Processing costs will vary based on services desired – there is a $50 harvesting fee, 50¢ per pound to process it, and then smoking and curing (like for bacon) or sausage-making have their own $2.50 per-pound fees.  Typically you’d spend about $100 – $110 to process a half hog and $200 – $225 to process a whole hog.


Here’s an example half hog order:

  •  10-12 lbs of pork chops
  •  3 lbs of spareribs
  •  8-10 lbs ground pork and/or sausage
  •  8-10 lbs bacon
  •  15-18 lb fresh ham
  •  10 lbs picnic shoulder roast
  •  4-6 lb Boston shoulder roast
  •  5 lbs ham hocks or stew bones (great for soup, broth, or stew!)
  •  8 -10 lbs fat (pie crusts, frying, cooking veggies in… the possibilities are endless!)
  •  1-2 lb jowl
  • heart, liver

These pigs were humanely raised on grass and in the woods (outdoors year-round), and they received a non-GMO feed.  They got to express their natural instincts by rooting up the earth and wallowing in puddles. Please see our Pastured Pork page to learn more about how we raise our hogs.

Farmer with hogs

How much do I save by buying a Whole or Half Hog?

Whole Hog example:
A Whole Hog is $3/lb hanging weight
250 pounds live weight
180 pounds hanging weight
150 pounds take home freezer meat
For the Whole Hog example, the 150 lbs of meat would cost $1,468 if you purchased this meat by the cut at the regular retail cost.
If you buy a Whole Hog at the Whole Hog price, this 150 lbs of meat would come out to: $450 + processing (around $225, depends on weight and how much smoking, etc. is selected)

Half Hog example:
A Half Hog is $3/lb hanging weight
90 pounds hanging weight
75 pounds take home freezer meat

For this Half Hog example, the 75 lbs of meat would cost about $734  if you purchased this meat by the cut at the regular retail cost.

If you buy a Half Hog at the Half Hog price, this 75 lbs of meat would come out to $225, + processing (around $110, depends on weight)

You can save a lot of money by ordering your pork this way. Plus you get to walk to the freezer any time and pick out whatever cut you want to defrost for dinner!  If you have any questions, we look forward to talking with you more about bulk pork purchases. If not, please use this LINK to purchase the whole hog and use the code MARBLECREEKFALL2016WHOLE at checkout, or this LINK for the half hog and use the code MARBLECREEKFALL2016HALF for the half hog. Thank you!