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100% Grass-fed Ground Beef, 1 pound

100% Grass-fed Ground Beef, 1 pound

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Great for burgers, chili, spaghetti, tacos, and more!  

100% grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef. We use heritage breeds of cattle, including British White, Red Devons, and South Poll. They are rotated around to fresh pasture frequently. 

All prices are per lb. This usually comes in approximately 1-pound packs.  

All meat products are shipped frozen.

Marble Creek Farmstead is a sustainable family farm specializing in pasture-raised meats and eggs. We use rotational grazing because it heals the land, creates more nutritious meat, and is better for the animals. They get fresh grass to munch on, the movement breaks the parasite cycle (removing the need for chemical treatments), and letting the grass rest a while makes the plants and soil healthier. Raising so many different species creates a synergy that improves the soil health, which in turn creates healthier animals, which ends up making you and me healthier. We also have our own USDA-inspected meat processing facility right on the farm.

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