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Pasture-raised duck liver from Marble Creek Farmstead in Sylacauga, AL

Pasture-Raised Duck Liver, 1 pound

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Sear these duck livers to toss on a salad, fry them up, or turn them into a velvety smooth pâté. Liver is full of Vitamin A, Iron, and B Vitamins like folate for fertility and B12 for energy). 

These come 1 pound to a pack typically. All our meat products are shipped frozen.

Marble Creek Farmstead is a sustainable family farm specializing in pasture-raised meats and eggs. Our non-GMO-fed pasture-raised ducks live the good life. They get moved to fresh grass daily (yes, ducks love eating grass!). They have a low-stress life and are processed right on the farm under USDA inspection.