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Image of whole chicken from Marble Creek Farmstead in Sylacauga, AL

Whole Chicken, Pasture-Raised

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You can't go wrong with the classic whole chicken. Your serving options are endless - roast it whole for the entire family and make several weeknight meals out of the leftovers, spatchcock it and throw it on the grill, cut the chicken into parts for easier cooking on different nights, make a hearty soup with potatoes and veggies, or whatever you can dream of. There are endless options for spices and flavoring like filling the cavity with aromatics like lemon, onion, or herbs. You could rub the skin with butter to make it crispier in the oven. Yum!

Our non-GMO-fed pasture-raised chickens live the good life. They get moved to fresh grass once or more daily. They have all the sunshine, fresh pasture, and bugs to chase that they like. They have a low-stress life and are processed right on the farm in our USDA-inspected processing plant.  

Most grocery store rotisserie chickens are 2-3 pounds, so pick a larger size if you're feeding a bigger family or want to make multiple dinners out of one roasted chicken!

All products are shipped frozen.

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