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Pasture-Raised Pork

We pasture-raise Berkshire, Tamworth, Large Black, Hampshire, and few other breeds of hogs. Our heritage-breed hogs are not well-suited for confinement operations, which have to sacrifice flavor to produce the cheapest meat possible. We love our Berks and Tams and focus on these breeds! They have wonderful personalities. We do not ring our pigs’ noses so they are able to do what pigs do best – root around in the soil. They eat grass, dirt, grubs, nuts like acorns in our woods, fermented grains (wheat, barley, sorghum), and supplemental non-GMO feed, as needed.

 We sell our pork both by the cut on our website and at the farmer's market, but if you're looking for a discount, we also have whole, half, and quarter shares of hogs that you can order these through our online store as they are available. These shares will still come cut into standard cuts and vacuum-sealed. If you are interested in getting the whole hog or half hog not processed into cuts, we can do that, as well. 

If you would like a variety of pastured meats on a regular basis, we also have a Farm Membership discount program you may join by purchasing on our online store.  

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