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Pasture-raised hot pork sausage from Marble Creek Farmstead in Sylacauga, AL

Hot Breakfast Sausage, Pasture-Raised, 1 pound

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This is always a big hit! Made with our pasture-and-woodland-raised pork and spices from Calera, AL-based Legg's Seasonings (salt, red pepper, sage, sugar, black pepper), this is a southern classic hot breakfast sausage. It has a little heat. Shape into patties to serve alongside eggs or to crown your breakfast sandwich, or keep it ground and put it in your breakfast casserole - it'll all be delicious! 

This comes vacuum-sealed in about a 1-pound pack.  All products are shipped frozen. 

Our non-GMO-fed hogs live the good life, roaming free and happy outdoors on pasture and woods. They get moved to fresh grass or woods frequently, and getting to use their muscles results in a deeper pork flavor. They have a low-stress life and are processed under USDA inspection right on the farm. 

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