Pasture-Raised Meat CSA

Are you looking to purchase your healthy pasture-raised meats in bulk at a discount, yet you don’t have room in your freezer for a whole or half hog, a whole or half cow, or a large number of chickens?  Would you like getting a variety of delicious and high-quality pasture-raised pork, beef, and chicken each month?  Do you want to support a small family farm focused on environmental sustainability / regeneration, animal welfare, and creating the right kind of food system?  Read more to see if our pasture-raised meat CSA is right for you!

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of this CSA farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest.  The upfront capital allows us to invest in fencing, new animals, feed, processing costs, more land, etc. while ensuring you have a reliable and regular source of the healthiest meat around. It also allows us to create a stable supply of healthy, well-raised meat. We are pleased to now be offering our CSA year-round! That is hard to pull off, and with the support of many and input from our inaugural group of members, we have gotten there.

How does it work?

You pay for the share size that is right for you up front and get a box of various pasture-raised meats once a month, depending on which package you choose. The box will always contain pork, beef, and chicken. The specific cuts will vary week-to-week. Over the term of your share, you will get some of every cut. Unlike some CSAs where you get the cuts that don’t sell at market, our CSA is our core business. This means you always get priority on cuts and the best access to our products. That means eggs, too!  We will offer Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas goose this year, and our CSA customers will get the first right to pre-order these. You’ll see a preview of what’s in your month’s box by reading our weekly newsletter (comes out Wednesdays).

How do I get my box?

We have a few options currently, and those will grow as the CSA grows. You are always welcome to pick up your box at the farm. Just let us know ahead of time. We are at Good People Brewery on the first Wednesday of each month from 4:00p.m. – 6 p.m.  We currently drop off for a few folks in Harpersville, Chelsea, and Greystone on our way to Good People. If we get enough members for a specific location, we can always look at adding a new spot. If you know any retailers, restaurants, etc. that would be interested in being a pick up spot, we are happy to look into that location.

Expected Products Fall/Winter 2016

The chart below outlines some of the meats we hope to deliver and when you may see them in your share. This chart is based on our best estimate, but of course, growth and production may vary. Meat comes hard frozen.

We raise heritage breed pork (Berkshire, Large Black, and Tamworth). They are raised on rotating 1/2 acre paddocks. We move them often to ensure they are on clean, nutrient-dense pasture. They are given a non-GMO feed from a local company. We raise traditional (Cornish cross) chickens as well as Red Rangers, Pioneers, Barred Rocks, and Heritage Whites. They are raised in large chicken tractors. They get fresh pasture every day (or even more often). We carry beef from Hurricane Branch Farms, a nearby farm that raises heritage British White cattle while our steers grow out. They have never been bred to do well on grain, so the 100% grass-fed flavor is the best possible. Some people raise grass-fed beef with commercial breeds, but they don’t taste as great as the heritage breeds when raised on grass, in our opinion. We never use growth hormones, insecticides, feed-based antibiotics, etc.

Here’s a list of products that may be in your box each week:

What does it cost?

We have two CSA share sizes – base share size, which is designed for small families, couples, individuals, or people who cook meat a few times a week – and family share size, which is designed for larger families or folks who cook more often. You may choose a 3-month, 6-month, or a 1-year subscription. You may order a one-time box if you want to try a CSA share box and see if it’s right for you. We give a discount off our prices for all of our CSA customers. The longer your subscription, the greater your discount. We have priced our CSA to be competitive with quality meats at the grocery store to provide you and your family with access to the highest-quality meats raised with the greatest care.

 Base Share

 Share Duration  Avg Lbs  Price of Package  Price Per Lb
 3-month  36  $275  $7.64
 6-month 72  $490  $6.81
 1-year 144  $920  $6.39

 Family Share

 Share Duration  Avg Total Lbs  Price of Package  Price Per Lb
 3-month  96  $715  $7.45
 6-month 192  $1,280  $6.67
 1-year 384  $2,410  $6.28


Family Share


Please visit our online store to order: http://marblecreek.tictail.com/

Can I try it out before I sign up for a membership?
Yes!  We have a sample box of our base share for $50 (available as a one-time purchase only).  It will contain the same contents as half a member’s box that month, with about 7 – 8 pounds of meat inside.  Like all our boxes, it will contain pork, beef, chicken, and a breakfast meat.  It is also a discount off our retail prices, as the average price of the contents will end up around $7ish per pound.

What happens if I miss a pickup or need someone else to get my box?

If you miss a week, we will bring your box to the next pickup and you will get two boxes. If you know you are going to miss a pick up, please let us know ahead of time. We haven’t had a lot of issues with people missing more than a time or two, but if that does become an issue, we will have to address it, as it does add logistical challenges to our service. If you need someone else to pick up for you, just let us know via email or text beforehand, and that is fine.



Fill your freezer with delicious, pasture-raised meats! 


What about holidays or bad weather?

If the weather is bad and we deem it necessary to cancel a pick up, we will let you know via email. We will push the pick up to the next week or make other arrangements with you. This should be very rare and basically only in high wind events  (our delivery truck is big, plus our animals need us on farm when that happens) or if there is a lot of ice on the road.

Other benefits of being a member

As mentioned above, our CSA membership is our core business. We strive to make you happy first. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience (within reason), we want to do it. You will always get priority on our limited products like eggs, lamb, duck, turkey, goose, rabbit, etc. Once you are a member, you will have priority to rejoin over new members. We will have farm events from time to time that you will be invited to as a current member and sometimes as a past member. You are welcome to visit the farm, just arrange it beforehand with us, since it’s also our home.

Most importantly, you are helping create the kind of food system you want: One that believes that the land is a vital resource which must be cared for, not consumed. One that believes that the animals that are raised for us should be treated with the utmost care and love. One that would rather do things the right way and take a little longer or make a little less money than cut a corner. One that works with nature instead of against it to make great food for all of us. For that we thank you.