Our Story

Our Story

Jesie and Matthew Lawrence started Marble Creek in January 2014. We are driven to create a beautiful environment to raise our children in while producing the best food we can for ourselves and our community. You can read more about our farm on our About Us page.

pasture and moonrise

Moonrise from the farmhouse, looking at the pasture

Matthew was a founding member of Hepzibah Farms in Talledega, AL in 2011. Jesie had a raised bed garden and honeybees in the suburbs. In 2014, we moved to our new home in Sylacauga and got busy starting our farming family. We renovated our 1930s farmhouse in the first few months of the year. We raised our first round of broiler chickens (along with some of the vegetables) for our wedding on the summer solstice. They were amazing! We raised a lot of fruits and vegetables in our first years but are focusing our business on our meats and eggs currently. We had our first child, Luke, in March 2015. We have moved quickly and are growing our farming enterprise rapidly. We both have full-time jobs, so we could not do all the wonderful things we do without our incredible employees.

3 of us

Our farm name comes from our location; Sylacauga is the Marble City, and the back border of our property is Shirtee Creek (a fun place to wade in nice weather). The creek is fed by a lot of smaller creeks but gets a lot of water from a spring that comes out of the marble quarry. To us a farmstead refers to a combination of farm and homestead; we first grow wholesome food that our own family will enjoy, and then we share the extra bounty with other families.

514 Odena Road N

Aerial view of the land before we started constructing our infrastructure