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About Us

Do you know where your food comes from?  Are you searching for great-tasting food with a connection to your farmer?  Do you like knowing your food choices are healing ones instead of supporting a system that exploits the animals, the land, and the people who get the food to you? We believe you are what you eat. Eating truly healthy food raised well benefits us all.

Marble Creek Farmstead is a dynamic, sustainable, family farm producing humanely-raised all-natural pastured meats and eggs.

We live on a 40-acre farm with mostly open pasture and plenty of woods. We also lease or use other pasture land near us depending on our needs. We focus on building the soil in our pastures. We use regenerative techniques that will increase the microbial life and organic matter of the soil, which sequesters atmospheric carbon, makes our land more resilient in the face of flooding and drought, and – perhaps most importantly – makes for more nutrient-dense, productive grass/ forage for our animals to graze upon. We practice management intensive rotational grazing, moving our animals throughout the pastures at a fairly quick pace (for example, hogs get a new paddock about once every week or two, while our younger birds like broiler chickens get moved to a new patch of grass daily). This keeps manures on the pasture to avoid nitrogen pollution caused by farms with more intense stocking densities (like confinement barns or dirt lots) in a small, set location. Our mob grazing system mimics nature and prevents erosion by allowing the pasture ample time to recover from each pass of the animals. The multi-speciation breaks the parasite cycle and makes the land more productive per acre. To protect the pasture during the colder months when the grass isn’t growing, we also rotate some of the animals (like pigs) through the woods.

We raise broiler chickens for meat, several large flocks of egg-laying birds in mobile chicken tractors, a herd of pastured hogs, goats, ducks, sheep, turkeys, and grass-fed cattle. Our menu of pastured meats available at market or our online store includes beef (raised at our partner farm Hurricane Branch Farm in Elmore County), chicken, pork, turkey, duck, lamb, and goat. We have a USDA-inspected meat processing facility on-farm to process our own livestock. We carry a few other farms' products like organic vegetables and grass-fed cheese.

We continually sell our pastured meats through pre-orders (at a discount) through our Farm Membership (delivered to your door or shipped). We also sell our meat at Pepper Place Market every Saturday. Our online store has all of our products available for home/office delivery, UPS shipping, on-farm pickup, or Birmingham area pick-up.