Free on-farm pickup. Free B'ham home delivery on orders over $100. Free shipping on orders over $150. NOTE: $50 minimum order for local delivery or shipping.

COVID-19 Changes at Marble Creek

We've had to make a few adjustments to our business due to COVID-19. We value your health and wellness (or else would not be raising health food!) and want to keep you as safe as possible. 


We're only able to ship on Mondays right now. UPS has been at 100% capacity during the pandemic and takes extra days to deliver packages. We have shipped on Tuesdays even, and the package gets stuck in the warehouse over the weekend and thaws, even with 10 pounds of dry ice, so unfortunately we have had to restrict our shipping days to one. 

We have a minimum order of $50 to both have enough mass to stay cold in transit and to cover the shipping.  Our shipping fee for orders $50 - $149 is $15 but it costs us over $30 or more to ship, so 

Home Deliveries

Our delivery driver will be wearing a mask when dropping off your box at your front door. We typically deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays right now, and your items will be inside an insulated box so you don't have to be home. 

Farmer's Market Pickup

Pre-orders can be placed on our own website or on the farmer's market website, where applicable. We will have the order in a brown paper bag with your name on it and will have it organized in the freezer by last name, if there are frozen items. At Lee Branch, other folks hand out our items at one booth, while at Pepper Place we hand out your order ourselves - just pull up to our booth & give your last name and we'll place the bag in your trunk or backseat for you while wearing our mask & gloves. At walk-around markets for non-pre-orders we will all do our best to stay socially distant and there won't be any sampling at market to discourage taking masks off in front of a moving crowd. Pepper Place Market requires credit cards only to minimize close contact while dealing with cash. 

Farm Store Pickup

Our farm store is open-air right now, so hopefully there's plenty of air flow.  To pick up a pre-order, if you don't see any staff in the store, you call or text us and let us know you're here and we'll come bring your order for you.  If you are shopping while here rather than a pre-order, then you may self serve with the provided baskets and the glass-door freezers. We're able to accept cash but don't keep change in the store, so the staff member will have to leave you for a sec to get change. 

Processing Plant

Our meat processing employees wear cloth masks inside the plant, in addition to the other food safety items like wearing gloves and covering loose hair. We have a very small staff, so there are far fewer people handling your food than there would be at one of the large processing plants for confinement-raised livestock that ships meat partially-broken down to a grocery store to cut down further and package for you.