Pastured Chickens

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Are you looking for a more nutritious, more delicious chicken? Do you want poultry who live happier lives than the chickens you’ll find in your average grocery store?

pasture-raised chickens in grass

Pasture-raised chickens free ranging in the grass

We raise fully-pastured broiler (meat) chickens. As soon as they’re old enough to go outside, they live the rest of their lives in “chicken tractors” (mobile chicken coops), or a more open free-range shelter, and they get moved to a fresh patch of grass just about daily. The new greenery underfoot not only gives the birds a fresh “salad bar” each day, but the movement across the pasture ensures their manure gets spread evenly throughout the field, matching the land’s capacity to absorb the nitrogen. There’s no awful stench like you smell wafting from chicken houses in the country, plus the manure acts as an excellent fertilizer to increase the health of our pastures to support all the other life there. The chickens get plenty of shade, but they also get sunshine and thus Vitamin D, which gets into your meat. The chickens like to eat grass and bugs they find in the pasture (yay for the pest control side benefit!), and they’re fed a supplemental non-GMO chicken feed. Pasture-raised poultry has a better omega 3:6 ratio than conventional poultry.  They are protected from predators by portable electrified netting.


Pastured broiler chickens hanging out inside a movable hoop coop / chicken tractor

We currently raise Barred Rock, Rainbow, Heritage White, and Cornish Cross broilers. Our birds typically dress out at between 4 and 6 lbs. They are currently being offered for $5 per pound. You can pick them up at the farm here in Sylacauga, or we can meet you in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or anywhere in between fairly frequently.

Pigs n chickens

Pastured chicken tractors in the field with piggies in the foreground

Would you like to support a food system that’s better for you, better for the birds, better for the environment, better for the farm’s community, and better for the farm workers? You get to vote for the system you want to create in the world with your food dollars. If you are interested in purchasing a delicious pastured chicken, please visit us at a Birmingham-area farmer’s market we attend, shop the meat counter at Organic Harvest grocery store in Hoover, or go to our online store.

Baby and chickens

Baby Luke inspects the chickens in the tractor as Farmer Jesie looks on

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below, or call Matthew at 205-936-6120. Our farm email address is to email us directly.

broiler chicken on grass

Cornish Cross broiler chicken free ranging on fresh grass

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