Pastured Pork

Pasture-Raised Pork

We pasture-raise Berkshire, Tamworth, Large Black, Hampshire, and few other breeds of hogs. Berkshires are known as the “kobe beef of pork”, because they have one of the best flavor profiles of any pork. Tamworths are known as the bacon pig and are great for the South, since they do not sunburn. Neither are not well-suited for confinement operations, which have to sacrifice flavor to produce the cheapest meat possible. We love our Berks and Tams and focus on these breeds! They have wonderful personalities. We do not ring our pigs’ noses so they are able to do what pigs do best – root around in the soil. They eat grass, dirt, grubs, spent brewer’s grain, fermented grains (wheat, barley, sorghum), and supplemental non-GMO feed, as needed.

Berkshire hogs on the ridge

Berkshire hogs foraging in the woods in the winter when the grass is dormant

We sell our meat at Pepper Place Market every Saturday. You may also buy in our online store.

Tamworth pigs on pasture

Tamworth pigs on pasture

We offer whole, half, and quarter shares of hogs. You can order these through our online store as they are available.  See below for pricing. These will come cut into standard cuts and vacuum-sealed. If you are interested in getting the whole hog or half hog not processed into cuts, we can do that, as well. Processing costs are $0.60 and a $35 per head fee. If you want your bacon or ham cured, our processor can do it for $3 per pound. But I would encourage you to think about doing it yourself. We can talk more about that if you are interested. Just email us at or call Matthew at 205-936-6120.

Farmer with hogs

Farmer Matthew with the Tamworths and a Berkshire

Pork Shares
Package: Whole Half    Quarter
Unit Price per lb: $5.50 $6.50 $7.50
Hanging Weight (lbs): 180 90 45
Total Price $990 $585 $340
Hogs and chickens on pasture

Hogs and chickens on pasture

If a share of a hog is too much meat for you at one time, and/or if you would like a variety of pastured meats on a regular basis, we also have a Farm Membership discount program. Once you’d like to join our Farm Membership program, please go to our online store.  (Ignore the taxes, as they are not part of the total.)

Variety of frozen meats

Our Farm Membership offers a variety of meat cuts

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