Processing Plant

In the spring of 2016, Matthew and Jesie controlled a majority ownership share in a USDA-inspected processing plant located in Pell City, AL. Until it was shut down in December, we processed all our pastured meats at this facility, and we were also open to the public for processing. (Our focus was on producers who raise animals for wholesale or direct-to-consumer retail sale.) We processed swine, beef, goat, lamb, and poultry, both under USDA inspection and under custom exemption. We were the first plant in the state to offer small farmers the ability to process their poultry!

We parted ways with the facility in Pell City but have recently begun construction of a USDA-inspected poultry processing plant on our farm. We anticipate having this operational by May or June of 2017. This plant will be available to other producers. Once the poultry plant is constructed, we will begin construction of a plant to allow us to process all of the rest of our meats once again on-farm. This second plant will not be open to other producers.

For our own farm, we have incredible flexibility to create unique sausages, special cuts of meat, and more, all because of this new facility. We’ll also be able to retail our products in the storefront located at our facility.

If you are another farmer looking for more information, please call 205-936-6120 or email to speak with Matthew.

This new plant is poised to grow the network of sustainably-grown meats in the state of Alabama (and even the area of surrounding states), a process Marble Creek is very excited to be a part of. Currently processing is a bottleneck in the growth of the market for pasture-raised meats (or any meats from small-scale producers) across our entire nation, so if our venture succeeds, consumers and restaurateurs in Alabama will have more options in well-raised foods, something we hope everyone can get behind. We’re thrilled for the possibilities this new facility provides.