Processing Plant

Processing Plant

We are one of only a handful of farms that raise, process, and directly market our own products.  For our own farm, we have incredible flexibility to create unique sausages, special cuts of meat, and more, all because of this new facility. We’ll also be able to retail our products in the storefront located at our facility.

Because of the high need for other farmers to gain access to poultry processing, we continue to try to build a business that will support this activity.  We did this last year at our plant in Pell City. We’ve just completed construction on our own “red meat” plant (including pork) right here on the farm. We are not currently processing any hogs or ruminants for other farmers, although we may offer custom-only processing of these animals in the future, depending on conditions.

USDA-Inspected Poultry Processing – Emergency Action

Due to the closure of the Cool Hands Meats/Foothills Pilot Plant in North Carolina, we have come up with an emergency plan to alleviate some of the pain that those farmers who had birds ready to process are feeling. Understand that we are not soliciting your business. We are opening up our doors to you to ensure that you do not lose your investment. I say this upfront because we are not in the position to take a financial risk to process for you. Here is our deal. The result of our processing will be USDA-inspected whole or cut-up broilers, laying hens, or turkeys that can be sold legally to anyone in the US. Our plant is located at our home and farm at 514 Odena Road N, Sylacauga, AL 35150.

We have 3 employees who can run our facility with you. For it to make sense for us to operate, we need to do at least 150 broilers or 75 turkeys in a processing day. Our max slaughter is probably around 300 broilers or 150 turkeys. More than 1 producer can team up to get in that range. I can sometimes get a fourth person to help process (please be in touch in advance to discuss this). Our producers (you) will be responsible for crop loosening and gut removal. We will handle the kill, scald, pluck, head and feet removal, lung removal, rinse, waste disposal, and all paperwork associated with USDA. We will handle the clean-up. You must handle the crop loosening (unless I can get my part-time employee to help), the gutting, quality assurance (QA), and packing into vacuum-sealed bags. For each person the producer provides, $100 is deducted from your bill. You are responsible for ensuring the QA, bagging, cuts, labels, etc. all meet your satisfaction. I am unable to handle any reworks or any requests for any financial help if something isn’t done the way you like it. You are here with us and must be the eyes and ears to make this happen. This is true because both Matthew and Jesie have full-time jobs and do not have a plant manager hired. If it were up to us, we would sit this one out, but we can’t stand to see farmers suffer any more than they already have to. So we are opening up our home and business to you. But we can’t do it all without your help.

Here are some guidelines below. Have a look at all this and give us a call. We can start accepting appointments as of Thursday, November 2. Our slaughter days are Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 6 AM – 3 PM Central Time. Read through the details below and if you think you’d like our help, call Matthew at 205-936-6120.

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