Processing Prices

We perform USDA-inspected processing, as well as custom (exempt) processing on chickens and eventually, turkeys.  You can read more here.   Below you can find our prices.  Products will be vacuum sealed with a generic label, but we can print your farm name and your unit pricing on the label, if you desire. Please call Matthew at 205-936-6120 or email with any questions.




We have a minimum of 50 birds. Chickens must be loaded into our crates by the producer.  Please use humane transport methods with plenty of airflow (but not beating wind) to prevent suffocation or piling up during travel. If you used a transport method (or sometimes a flightier breed like Freedom Rangers) which caused excessive wing flapping, the USDA will require us to remove the bruised meat, or at times, the whole bird. They’ll also require us to discard a broken leg or wing, which is an occasional but unfortunate occurrence during the plucking process. If you did not withdraw food in time and ingesta or fecal matter gets on the carcass, we will either be required to discard this bird or reprocess it by dipping it in paracetic acid (a strong, OMRI-approved peroxide which has no adverse effect on the bird) for 1-2 mins. If the bird was sick, even if you were not aware of it, the USDA inspector may condemn your bird. We currently water chill your birds. Cuts Available (for an extra cost): bone-in breasts, boneless breasts, boneless skinless breasts, airline breasts, tenders, quarters, wings, legs, thigh, stock bones, feet, hearts, livers

Item Per Bird
Whole Birds $5 ($6 if bird is over 8 pounds)
Cut-Ups (including organs) $1, plus $0.25 per bag
Example $5 to process bird; $1 for cut up; breasts, quarters, and bones individually bagged ($1.25 for 5 bags)… Total: $7.25 per bird

We can offer volume discounts for very large producers. You’ll need to call or email for more information.

Other poultry species – currently unavailable, but we will start soon, so please call or email for more information.


We look forward to serving you!  Thank you so much for considering us for your processing business.