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Herbs de Provence Marinated Goat Cheese, 6 oz.

Herbs de Provence Marinated Goat Cheese, 6 oz.

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Stone Hollow Creamery marinated goat cheese is enveloped in deliciously infused organic oils, which not only preserve the cheese unopened for nearly a year but adds a flavorful bonus to salads or bread as a dressing. Mediterranean-style packaging presents a beautiful product in an age-old manner.  This is a creamy, smooth, spreadable cheese suitable for any occasion.

Ingredients: Grade A pasteurized goat milk, sea salt, vegetable enzymes, cheese cultures, herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, purple basil, & lavender), extra virgin olive oil, safflower seed oil

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 3 weeks. 

Stone Hollow Farmstead is owned by our friend Deborah Stone down the road in Harpersville, and has multiple businesses there - a cannery, creamery, the herb & flower gardens, her skin care line, and more. We love the happy little goats and farm pups.