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Pork Slaughter and Butchery Class
Pork Slaughter and Butchery Class
Pork Slaughter and Butchery Class

Pork Slaughter and Butchery Class

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This is your chance to learn the art and craft of pork slaughter, harvest, and butchery. We have owned and operated 2 USDA facilities slaughtering beef since 2016. This is a 2 day class hosted at our facility where we will teach you how to slaughter a beef using electric shock to stun, how to scald and scrape, how to gut a hog, how to split a hog all on day 1. One day 2 we will break down the 2 sides into primals, subprimals, and retail cuts. We will make the ground and linked sausages. We will then package and label everything. Class is limited to 12 attendees and you will get 1/12 of the hog to take home with you. Must be 18 years of age, no discounts, and you must sign a waiver upon arrival. 



2:00 PM Welcome and Intro

2:20 USDA processing Plant Tour

2:45 Overview of Slaughter Set up, tools, equipment

3:30 Pig Stunning and Sticking

3:45 Scalding and Scraping

4:15 Gutting

4:30 Splitting

4:45 Final Clean-up of carcass and chill down

5:00 End and take-home smoked butt




11:00 AM Butchery Set Up, tools, equipment

11:15 1st Half Butchery Instruction

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Second Half Butchery Instruction

1:45   Ground Sausages

2:15    Linked Sausages

2:45    Packaging and Labeling

3:30    End