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Pasture-raised duck sausage from Marble Creek Farmstead in Sylacauga, AL

Turkey Sausage, Pasture-Raised, abt 1 pound

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This is our house-made savory turkey sausage containing salt, red pepper, sage, sugar, and black pepper. Grill it, saute it, cut into medallions and toss in soup - it's tasty however you serve it!  

This usually comes with 4 links or so, for a total of approximately 1 pound, in a clear vacuum-sealed pack. All meat products are shipped frozen. 

Ingredients: turkey, salt, spices, sugar

Net Carbs Note: The nutrition facts on the back of the spice mix packet we use lists 0 grams of total carbs on 2 oz of meat. While I think you'll probably consume more than 2 ounces at a time, I am guessing this does not contain much sugar at all, and there is only about 1 tablespoon of the entire spice mix per pound of meat. A very tiny bit of sugar in sausage-making helps the meat brown when cooking, really enhancing the flavor.

Marble Creek Farmstead is a sustainable family farm specializing in pasture-raised meats and eggs. Our non-GMO-fed pasture-raised ducks live the good life. They get moved to a fresh patch of pasture daily. They love eating grass and chasing grasshoppers! The birds never receive any hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They have a low-stress life and are processed under USDA inspection right here on the farm.

We use rotational grazing because it heals the land, creates more nutritious meat, and is better for the animals. They get fresh grass to munch on, the movement breaks the parasite cycle (removing the need for chemical treatments), and letting the grass rest a while makes the plants and soil healthier. Raising so many different species creates a synergy that improves the soil health, which in turn creates healthier animals, which ends up making you and me healthier. Not only are pasture-raised meats better for the environment and have a much healthier nutritional profile than conventionally-raised meats, they are some of the most delicious meats out there! 

Whether you're on the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, AIP, or another clean eating plan, Marble Creek has lots of options for you. Started in 2014, Marble Creek Farmstead is Central Alabama's source for pasture-raised meats & eggs, plus quality goods from other local farms & makers. Marble Creek is one of the only farms in the country with an on-farm USDA-inspected red meat & poultry processing plant. The farm has been featured in Bon Appetit's Farms that Ship, Birmingham Magazine, Alabama Magazine, B Metro Magazine, and the Cottage Journal Magazine.

The farm offers shipping to the lower 48 states for orders over $50 (free for orders over $150, sent only on Mondays), twice-weekly home delivery around Birmingham for orders over $50 (for $5, or free for orders over $100), farmer's market pickup around Birmingham, and pickup at the on-farm store, plus availability at a couple grocery stores in Birmingham. Jesie & Matthew Lawrence have 3 very young children - Luke, Elijah, & Charlotte.